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"We need to help stakeholders make the most of the new consultation opportunities offered to them."

- First Vice-President Frans Timmermans at the second annual Regulatory Scrutiny Board Conference 15-06-2018


What is the Bright-tool?

The BRIGHT-tool is a website about the Better Regulation Agenda of the European Commission. The website includes an infographic, Quick Scan and an e-learning tool. Through these instruments, the user will be able to analyse regulatory bottlenecks they encounter and identify various Better Regulation input opportunities. This will enable the user to bring their bottlenecks to the attention of the European Commission and propose solutions to these issues.

Why was the Bright-tool created?

The BRIGHT-tool is created in line with the ideas of the First Vice-President of the European Commission on Better Regulation. Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs, the goal of the tool is to familiarise members of the Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU and other stakeholders with the Better Regulation Agenda.

Who has developed the Bright-tool?

The BRIGHT-tool is developed by Europa decentraal. Europa decentraal is a publicly funded EU law and policy institute based in the Netherlands. It is the local and regional authorities’ premier institute for queries concerning European law and policy.

Europa decentraal’s primary focus is on the employees of Dutch local and regional authorities and district water authorities. However, the institute centre highly values the exchange of expertise and best practices with like-minded organisations abroad. Recently, Europa decentraal has supported  Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU with expert advice regarding better regulation.

Find out more about Europa decentraal on the website  and more detailed information about the tool in this booklet