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The BRIGHT-tool consists of four sequential phases. Each phase contains several steps, which lay out the tasks required for taking stock of potential EU regulatory bottlenecks and eventually formulating a Better Regulation proposal.

The practical steps of the BRIGHT-tool are supported with relevant theory modules, which explain in more detail the structures, procedures and goals of the Better Regulation Agenda.

A schematic overview of the BRIGHT-tool can be found below.


Step 1 collecting input


The first phase is about collecting input from your experts and other stakeholders.

By organizing brainstorm sessions, you can assess which regulatory bottlenecks exist within your area of work.




Step 2 Zooming in


The second phase is about establishing the details behind your regulatory bottleneck.

In coordination with your experts, you can identify and outline your bottleneck(s).




Step 3 Matching


The third phase of the BRIGHT-tool is about matching your regulatory bottleneck with a suitable oppurtunity in the EU Better Regulation Agenda.

Determine the status of relevant legislation and match different kinds of bottlenecks to a suitable Better Regulation opportunity.




Step 4 proposing
The final phase is about proposing your Better Regulation proposals to the European Commission by making optimal use of the Better Regulation input opportunities.





Alright, lets get to work now!