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Step 4. Identifying issues in the EU legal framework

In order to formulate a well-substantiated better regulation proposal it advisable also to narrow down which specific elements of an EU directive or regulation are the cause of, or indirectly contribute to a particular bottleneck. It could be that several factors were already identified in the focus group. Whether that is or is not the case, it is advisable to set up a more in-depth working group 

An in-depth working group is aimed at narrowing and substantiating one specific bottleneck with several experts with specific knowledge.

or an in-depth questionnaire with experts to narrow down these elements that may cause a specific bottleneck.

A way to focus the feedback of the responders is to structure a questionnaire around already identified relevant legislation for your subject.


Besides establishing a causal relation between an element of EU legislation and a bottleneck, such focus sessions or questionnaires can also be used to find out how these elements in EU legislation may cause a bottleneck, and in what way these bottlenecks could potentially be resolved.

It is essential to have a knowledgeable and diverse group of responders or participants to ensure you collect valuable detailed input that helps you zoom in on the bottleneck. If possible, the identified elements which are causally or indirectly related to your bottlenecks can also be included in the previously drawn up framework table. That way, the framework table can be enriched with specific substations about which elements of an EU directive or regulation contribute to a bottleneck and in what way.


To do: Organize an in-depth working group or in-depth questionnaire.

To do: List identified elements or articles in legislation contributing to the bottleneck.


When you have completed delving deeper into the bottlenecks and listed the causal or contributing elements of a bottleneck, you are ready to classify your bottleneck(s). This will be explained further in the next step.

Click here to download an example of a framework table.