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Step 8. Matching your bottleneck using the Better Regulation Roadmap

In the final step of phase 3, you will match the identified bottlenecks you have listed in your framework table with Better Regulation Agenda opportunities related to the status of the relevant EU-legislation. Below you can find the Better Regulation Roadmap. In this roadmap an overview of the different stages of the EU policy-making cycle is presented, combined with opportunities for the submission of Better Regulation proposals. Furthermore, the Better Regulation Roadmap indicates which type of bottlenecks are appropriate for these distinct Better Regulation Agenda opportunities. The classification of bottlenecks into different categories was explained in step 5.


Better Regulation Roadmap

Click for the roadmapWhen you use the Better Regulation Roadmap and your framework table, you can assess which Better Regulation Agenda opportunities are available for the bottlenecks listed in your framework table.

Now that you are aware of the input opportunities available and have selected a digital venue to submit a Better Regulation proposal, you can move on to the last phase of the BRIGHT-Tool. In this phase, we will help you with proposing your bottlenecks through the Better Regulation input moments available!


To do: Match your bottleneck with the available Better Regulation Agenda opportunities.