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Better Regulation Communication 2016

Better Regulation Communication 2016

The first state-of-play communication, Better Regulation: Delivering better results for a stronger Union, was published in September 2016. The Commission highlighted in this communication recent developments in the Better Regulation Agenda, such as:

  • new ways stakeholders could engage with the process of law-making, for example via the “Contribute to law-making” website;
  • An update of the better regulation Toolbox;
  • a new Inter-Institutional Agreement with the Parliament and Council;
  • the number of adopted REFIT-platform opinions.


The European Commission and the Member states

The Commission also committed itself to reinforce its partnership with the Member States during the EU policymaking-cycle. For example, the Commision wants to ensure that EU citizens can have easy access to information on how EU rules are implemented at the national level and what their rights are in terms of redress.

The Commission also stated they would make more use of the possibility to propose financial sanctions to the Court of Justice if Member States fail to translate EU law into their national legal order in a timely manner.



the Commission outlined aspects in the legislative process where improvements in line with better regulation principles could be made, such as:

  • prioritizing the technique of re-casting legislation;
  • encouraging the Parliament and the Council to conduct impact assessments

Furthermore, the Commision announced that the EU law-making institutions would cooperate to identify. on the basis of the Commission Work Programme, a set of legislative proposals that would be prioritized.

Finally, in order to encourage transparency about gold-plating, the Inter-Institutional Agreement obliged Member States to inform the Commission and explain to their citizens, whenever Member states add additional requirements to Union law in their national legislation.